What Others Say About the DaddyTeller Book

“I am impressed with your book, and knew I’d enjoy it when I saw the cover photo. Heartwarming and very nice – setting just the right mood for what you have to share.

The way you use your ‘guy voice’ to talk directly to other fathers is delightful. How can a dad resist learning how to become a hero by simply spending time telling stories to their kid(s)? I predict that this little volume will bring you national attention and a lot of work. You have touched the heart of parents who want the best for their children, but don’t always know what to do and how to do it. I also love the way you mentioned that stories build confidence, teach creativity, reinforce values, and provide a foundation for math and literacy skills. The stories you provide and the hints on how to tell them are great. And – oh, yes – did I mention how much I like the way you show dads how to become a hero in the eyes of their kid(s)?

I can hardly wait to get your book into the hands of my four sons – I know they will be inspired by ‘DaddyTeller.'”-Glenda Bonin, Tucson Arizona


“Over the years, I’ve enjoyed sharing all kinds of stories with my kids. But when other parents asked me for advice on how they could get started– I’ve been at a loss– until now. Sean Buvala has created that first step. His method is simple, direct, and fun, and leads to stronger relationships between parents and children. What parent wouldn’t want that?”Tim Eereneta, Berkeley, California

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