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DaddyTeller in the News, On the Radio, On Television

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Improve those Bedtimes Kids Stories! You have heard and seen Sean Buvala and the DaddyTeller™ Book all over the news! Here are some locations and stations.

Where available, click on the links below to hear or see the interview.

WJET 1400AM: Magnify with Msgr. Tom Snyderwine; Erie, Pennsylvania

WGTK Radio (click to listen) on the Dr. Stan Frager Show Louisville, KY

The West Valley View, Avondale, AZ

WICC 600 AM: Talk of the Town Show Bridgeport, CT

WSTX AM: Straight Talk With Redfield, US Virgin Islands

The Powerful Patient Blog Show; Nationwide

The Dresser After Dark Show; Nationwide

KBIZ 1240 AM: Mid Morning Magazine; Ottumwa, IA

CKNX 920 AM: The Phil Main Show; Wingham, Ontario Canada

WOCA 13870 AM: AM OCALA LIVE! with Host Larry Whitler; Ocala, Florida

KXYL 96.9 FM: Going Home with Mark Cope; Brownwood, Texas

KVFD-AM 1400 AM: Morning Radio with Michael Devine; Fort Dodge, Iowa

WVEW 107 FM: Healthy Media Choices Hour; Brattleboro, Vermont

KCMN 1530 AM: Morning Show with Tron Simpson; Colorado Springs, Colorado

WJON 1240 AM: The MidDay Show; St. Cloud, Minnesota

KWAY 99.3: Breakfast Club; Waverly, Iowa

KPQ 560: The Two O’Clock Show; Wenatchee, Washington

WICO 1320: AM Salisbury; Salisbury, Maryland

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DaddyTeller Radio Interview Ontario, Canada

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Come listen in to a radio interview with the director Sean Buvala as he talks about the role of the “dad influence” and the power of storytelling. Interviewed by Phil Main of in Ontario, Canada. Sean and Phil talk about storytelling in our families, talking to teenagers, the power of speaking a story as well as more information from Sean’s new book, DaddyTeller. Listen in now with .mp3 audio when you click here. Learn more about DaddyTeller by visiting the website.

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