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Sean Buvala has been a professional storyteller since 1986. He's the father of four great young-adult kids. His work in storytelling spans groups from parenting to corporate communications. He's the publisher and chief janitor at The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group in Tolleson, Arizona.

DaddyTeller in the News, On the Radio, On Television

Improve those Bedtimes Kids Stories! You have heard and seen Sean Buvala and the DaddyTeller™ Book all over the news! Here are some locations and stations. Where available, click on the links below to hear or see the interview. WJET … Continue reading

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Free Parenthood Video #10: Making Memories You Will Forget

Bedtime Kids’ Stories: are they just for sedation? No! DaddyTeller™ author Sean Buvala tells you why you need to create the memories you will soon forget, but you children will remember for a life time. In this “reverse rant,” Sean … Continue reading

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Free Parenthood Video: Do I Need to Act Crazy to Tell Bedtime Kids’ Stories?

Bedtime Kids’ Stories: Do you have to be a wild and crazy dad to tell good stories to your children? In this free parenthood video, Sean teaches dads to be themselves when telling stories to children. Get the DaddyTeller Paperback … Continue reading

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Parenthood Video #8: Dad! Your Storytelling Is An Event!

Hey Dads! Parenthood can get tiresome, we know. But, to your kids, the time you spend with them is priceless and exciting. While you are working on bedtime stories for kids, why not put the book down and tell stories … Continue reading

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Free Parenthood Video #7: Time Will Fly, Dad.

Want to be a better Dad? Then pay attention now to your kids. The price of parenthood is paid in attention. Don’t focus on your needs but rather on your child’s needs. Bedtime Kids Stories are more than a sedative, … Continue reading

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Free Training Video #6: Storytelling is Not Just for Bedtime

Hey Dads! Do you think that storytelling is just for bedtime? No way! Learn to use storytelling as a treat for your children any time that you need to occupy their minds and hearts. See the latest short video below … Continue reading

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Free Video #5: Get Close to Your Kids With Bedtime Stories

Dads: Should you get close to your kids? Yes! The father role in bedtime kids’ stories is get close and snuggly. You can’t do that with a book in your hands! Here’s more information in this free “how to tell … Continue reading

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Free Video #4: Use Scary Stories with Your Children?

What is the father role in bedtime kids stories? Do we tell scary stories? Well, maybe not at bedtime. But at other times, a story about a scary event might be perfect. There is a difference between talking about a … Continue reading

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Free Video #3: Use Open-Ended Questions in Bedtime Stories

Here’s another free, short training video on storytelling techniques for bedtime kids stories. This time, Sean talks about the use of open-ended questions to help your child think about the stories you are telling. Enjoy. Get the DaddyTeller Paperback at … Continue reading

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