DaddyTeller in the News, On the Radio, On Television

Improve those Bedtimes Kids Stories! You have heard and seen Sean Buvala and the DaddyTeller™ Book all over the news! Here are some locations and stations.

Where available, click on the links below to hear or see the interview.

WJET 1400AM: Magnify with Msgr. Tom Snyderwine; Erie, Pennsylvania

WGTK Radio (click to listen) on the Dr. Stan Frager Show Louisville, KY

The West Valley View, Avondale, AZ

WICC 600 AM: Talk of the Town Show Bridgeport, CT

WSTX AM: Straight Talk With Redfield, US Virgin Islands

The Powerful Patient Blog Show; Nationwide

The Dresser After Dark Show; Nationwide

KBIZ 1240 AM: Mid Morning Magazine; Ottumwa, IA

CKNX 920 AM: The Phil Main Show; Wingham, Ontario Canada

WOCA 13870 AM: AM OCALA LIVE! with Host Larry Whitler; Ocala, Florida

KXYL 96.9 FM: Going Home with Mark Cope; Brownwood, Texas

KVFD-AM 1400 AM: Morning Radio with Michael Devine; Fort Dodge, Iowa

WVEW 107 FM: Healthy Media Choices Hour; Brattleboro, Vermont

KCMN 1530 AM: Morning Show with Tron Simpson; Colorado Springs, Colorado

WJON 1240 AM: The MidDay Show; St. Cloud, Minnesota

KWAY 99.3: Breakfast Club; Waverly, Iowa

KPQ 560: The Two O’Clock Show; Wenatchee, Washington

WICO 1320: AM Salisbury; Salisbury, Maryland

About TheAuthorsAtHome

Sean Buvala has been a professional storyteller since 1986. He's the father of four daughters and lives in Arizona. His work in storytelling spans groups from parenting to corporate communications.
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