Free Parenthood Video #10: Making Memories You Will Forget

Bedtime Kids’ Stories: are they just for sedation? No! DaddyTeller™ author Sean Buvala tells you why you need to create the memories you will soon forget, but you children will remember for a life time. In this “reverse rant,” Sean tells you how the things you do today stick with your child for years. Are you making memories for your child or are you letting video games be the what your child most remembers when they are older. Another free training video. Enjoy!

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About Sean Buvala

Sean Buvala has been a professional storyteller since 1986. He's the father of four great young-adult kids. His work in storytelling spans groups from parenting to corporate communications. He's the publisher and chief janitor at The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group in Tolleson, Arizona.
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2 Responses to Free Parenthood Video #10: Making Memories You Will Forget

  1. Library says:

    Thanks for this informative video about our kids. Time flies.

  2. Kids are very important to as.. They bring smile to us and sadly sometimes they give mind green lol.
    I been collecting more good memories spending time with my family and kids too.
    I record every time we hung out together and then we will watch our video every Sunday night.
    Have a great happy time with your family!!!

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