DaddyTeller™: Real Communication with Your Kids


The average Dad spends less than

30 minutes a day with his kids.

So, who gets four unsupervised

hours a day with YOUR kid? 


Hey Dad: You are probably just like the average father. I don’t want to  scare you, but somebody else gets to teach your  kid for an average of four hours a day, many times all alone in your child’s room. All that unsupervised time with someone you probably don’t know. No, we’re not talking about teachers. We’re talking about technology. Who gets more of your kid’s time: you or four-hours a day of TV, Internet and video games? 

 Others Say:
“Over the years, I’ve enjoyed sharing all kinds of stories with my kids. But when other parents asked me for advice on how they could get started– I’ve been at a loss– until now. Sean Buvala has created that first step. His method is simple, direct, and fun, and leads to stronger relationships between parents and children. What parent wouldn’t want that?”  –Tim Ereneta, Pro Storyteller


Are you just a father figure or are you a real Dad?

It’s time for you to reconnect with your kids. You know you are probably missing out on their lives. Get my book today and you’ll be on your way to more quality and quantity time with your child. This isn’t a fluffy self-help book for you. Rather, it is an investment in your child’s future.

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Studies say that the average father spends less than 30 minutes per day in conversation with his kids, yet kids spend dozens of hours per week in front of the TV or video games. How can we be happy with twenty-seven minutes of Dad time per day vs. 2400 minutes of TV time per week?

 How much time do you spend with your kids? What’s your conversation time like? By the way, the yelling about “take out the trash” and “don’t eat like a pig” does not count in those 30 minutes.

Fathers and Sons. Fathers and Daughters.
You want to teach your kids and you want to share your values. You want to be a good father. You are looking for your sons to know the real values that make up being well-rounded men. You want your daughters to be independent, smart women.

You can do this, but you must open your mouth. You can pass on your values, but you have to start talking. You need to put down the distractions, the TV and even the storybooks. You have to look your child in the eye.

You have the power, Dad, to influence and educate your child. You can teach your child about a virtue or value at bedtime tonight and have them wake up tomorrow morning as different people.

How To Be Communicating Better

with Your Kid by Bedtime Tonight.

Why Let the TV See Your Kids More Than You Do?
Get your copy of the “DaddyTeller”™ book in the morning and you’ll be able to tell a story at bedtime. I am talking about real, look-them-in-the-eye communication about what’s really important in life. The storytelling techniques in this book will change your life.

When you learn to tell stories to your kids, you become more interesting to your kids than any amusement park you could ever take them to. It’s really easy and I teach you what to say and how to say it in the book. I’ve been a professional storyteller for 25 years and I’m a dad to four kids. I’ve told boatloads of stories and taught tons of people how to tell stories. Let me help you painlessly learn to communicate your values with your kids.

Real Man, Real Dad: Telling Stories to Children.
Take action, Dad, and download the DaddyTeller™ book right now. While spending less than the price of a lunch out of the office,  you’ll be creating memories and learning that will stick with your kids forever. And, if you need more prodding, it’s well known that storytelling improves the math and reading skills of children.

Who Else Wants to Change Their

Kid’s Life for Less Than the Price of Lunch?

Sure, you can take your buddy out for lunch right now and spend more than what this book will cost you. We’re talking $14.95! That’s breaking a twenty dollar bill and still having change left over. Go ahead, buy your kid a kid’s meal with the change, Pops.

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Listen, Dad, what are you waiting for? I’m here to guide you and coach you on your way to creating real, life-changing communication with your children through the power of storytelling. Not the kind of storytelling with that sing-song librarian voice but storytelling where you talk to your kids in your real voice just like you always do.

Secrets of Hero Dads Revealed in My Step-by-Step,

“Tell Me What to Say” Coaching Book.

See yourself making a difference, telling a story for your child,  effectively passing on values and life knowledge to your son or daughter. Put down the book and look into the eyes of your child who will be glued to your every word, lost in their love and admiration for you. Look, whatever you have been taught about what a Dad is or is not, whatever Dad-bashing you have heard- know that your child doesn’t know any of that. They only remember what you did (or didn’t do) for them.

Get your copy of our 70 page book today. Maybe you had a coach in high school for sports or even the chess team. Your coach laid out the plan for you, gave you the step-by-step outline of what to do and then gave you precise coaching on when you should do what you needed to do. I’m doing that for you in the DaddyTeller™ book.

Look at What You Get in Your Book

The quick-start, “no-huddle” guide to learning and telling a story. It’s your “do it now” instant how-to checklist.

A more in-depth chapter to the secrets of good storytelling for children.

Eight stories that cover the personal values of honesty, self-worth, integrity, kindness and the dangers of greed.

For each story, you get My “Brick-and-Mortar Storytelling Reminder”™ list that breaks each story down into play-by-play steps.

My exclusive “Storytelling Coaching” notes for each story that coach you on what to do with your hands and voice while giving you options to customize the story for your child.

Get Started Teaching and Training Your Kids Now.

I am looking forward to helping you do what you know you should be doing: connecting with your kids. Click Here to get your copy (Kindle or Paperback) at now!

Families need fathers, you are important to your children. And if you are a new dad or expecting father, now is the time to get ready for the most important job you will ever have.

See you in the book,

K. Sean Buvala

-Award-winning storyteller and your coach to help you teach and train your child.

PS. Moms can use this book, too, but it is written in guy-speak so you’ll have to just wade through all that while we talk about father involvement.

PPS. Guarantee? Sure. Use the book, listen to the audio, watch the videos, tell stories to your kids. If after all that, you just can’t make it all work out, send us an Email and you’ll get your money back.

PPPS. You understand, don’t you, that you are getting the Ebook along with an extra story, audio training and video instructions that help you to be a hero to your kid?

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